Ege Profil Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. (the Company) is a company registered in Izmir. Principle business activity of the Company is to manufacture and sell all kinds of plastic pipes and spare parts thereof and all kinds of profiles and plastic items.

Ege Profil, was founded in 1981 by the name of Namık Mazhar Zorlu ve Oğulları Plastik Profil Sanayii Kollektif Şirketi. In 1982, after changing of title, Company has gained its current situation. In 1993, Company has offered its shares to public, therefore, it has traded in BIST.

The dynamics of the sector have changed in 2000 with acquisition of our Company’s majority shares by Deceuninck Group, who is unequivocally the biggest PVC Profile manufacturer in the world.

The confidence and the market knowledge that Egepen Deceuninck and Winsa brands possess have integrated with Deceuninck Group’s customer-oriented approach, high technology and sense of quality.

Deceuninck NV is a worldwide integrated group specialized in compound, design, development, extrusion, finishing and recycling. The group summarizes its goals and sense of quality and service as ‘passion to accomplish perfection‘.

Ege Profil has shown an outstanding performance as of 2001 and achieved a continuous growth. The market experience possessed and the employee motivation provided play a significant role in this success. In the company, where horizontal organisation structure prevails, employees of all levels are encouraged by the management in taking initiative, as well as sharing authority and responsibility.

The young and dynamic employees of Ege Profil continue creating trends which determine the market in Turkey in accordance with the global leadership mission of Deceuninck.

The training opportunities provided to the employees, importance attached to R&D activities, quality policy implemented and the large knowledge sharing generated by the group make the success indispensable.

Our Company operates in PVC profile sector under two brands; Egepen Deceuninck and Winsa. Each brand has their own products, production facilities and sales-marketing channels.

Egepen Deceuninck branded products are produced in Izmir factory having 15.000 sqm indoor area and a machinery park of 59.841 tons capacity, without sacrificing world class production quality and by utilizing environment friendly processes, whereas, Winsa branded products are produced in Kocaeli (Izmit) factory having 34.2231 sqm indoor area and a machinery park of 41.490 tons capacity. Also both brands have Regional Directorates in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Adana. There are approximately 250 producing dealer and over 550 sales points which are belongs to Winsa brand and there are approximately 450 producing dealer and estimately 1850 sales points which are belongs to Egepen brand.

As Ege Profil, our place in the world market is increasing dy by day. Ege Profil, who was started business at India by buying a storehouse and a branch in 2012, collaborated with Deceuninck Importadora Limitada Company by %99 shares of all in 2013ç. Also, in 2014, Ege Profil has bought Althera PVC LTDA, who is a distributor in Brasil. In the light of new trends, our Company has initiated the sector of aluminum in 2013, with its brand, Winsa.

Egepen Deceuninck and Winsa brands are offered through a wide dealer network within the country, thus the end users easily reach to the products. Customer expectations are met at the utmost level through new products and technological developments, dealer training seminars, applied operational trainings and the technical publications.

Our company, currently having the widest product range in the sector, continues its production activities using more than three hundred in-house-developed molds. Our sales volume, which increases with the faith our dealers have in our brands and through their endeavours on ideally meeting customer expectations, makes our superiority felt by our competitors. Our Exports and Imports are mainly to/from European countries, American countries, Asian countries, African countries and continent of Australia.


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