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Egepen Deceuninck, is an industry leader, utilizing state of the art automation and equipment capable of manufacturing 50,000 tons of profiles per year within our facilities that are located within the İzmir Organized Industrial Zone, occupying 69,000 m2. Our company operates in accordance with the TS-EN-ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard since 1998 and, possesses 43 profile extrusion lines, each computer controlled.

The profiles used in the production of windows are assured to be long lasting and resistant against the toughest outside environmental conditions.  Deceuninck, a world leader in the industry, has developed a very special raw material formula in its own laboratories to meet all the respective requirements considering the climates, living conditions and national standard requirements of each country. Operating with an experience and knowledge of more than 100 years, Egepen Deceuninck meticulously carries out its compound preparation, which is paramount for quality profile extrusion.

The molds are considered to be the second important factor for optimum extrusion technology and are produced in the own workshops of Deceuninck. Egepen Deceuninck is a true leader of the industry; using its own proprietary knowledge of compound preparation, mold manufacturing and extrusion machinery technology. These are considered to be the most important factors for excellence in profile production and fully complete the company’s vertical integration.

Profiles are laminated in-house for strong color options within our range. Egepen Deceuninck use the latest lamination technology and machinery to produce exemplary results and greater décor choice for the consumer. Our color print technique, another integration application, is also performed within the facilities of Egepen Deceuninck. In addition, the wall and ceiling paneling system is manufactured within the facilities of Egepen Deceuninck to offer alternative solutions with real options of different colors and patterns.

Specialty arch bending machines are also used on site to offer bespoke joinery requirements, further complementing  our architectural culture. This allows for the production of profiles suitable to any type of joinery required by the respective architectural design.

Our quality control laboratories are capable of monitoring and controlling all processes from incoming orders through to shipment. We manage this vital function using cutting edge technology, specialized equipment and devices. The quality of the profiles produced is constantly monitored in these laboratories and all products are designed as a result of comprehensive R&D efforts. Rigorous testing is performed continuously to assure conformity to applicable national and international standards.

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