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General Features

Vertex Systems can be applied on all balconies with their 3 different color options and their non-concession on landscape.

  • It fully harmonizes with the decoration at your home with its visual integrity and 3 different color options.
  • With their hardware that adapts to all balconies, their structures that do not concede on landscape and 3 different color options that are complementary for spaces, these systems create integral living spaces for users.

    The tempered glass application provides high endurance against wind load and possible impacts.

    The hidden water channels that are located on top of the system easily remove problems that are related to perspiration.

  • What do Vertex Systems Offer for Users?
  • The Vertex Systems harmonize with the architecture at your home with 3 different color options, which are white, natural anodic and titan (bronze). It also has features such as;

    • Prevention of rainwater
    • Endurance against impacts with the tempered glass application
    • Child safety
    • Protection against dust
    • Reducing sound impact.

  • It collectively offers everything that you seek for living comfort
  • The wing design and the special adhesive used in glass-profile connection of Vertex System have increased the UV endurance and adhesion strength.

    As silicone is never used in the Glass-Profile connection, no deformation occurs at the joints that may compromise safety. It offers a costless and secure use in the long-term.

  • Glass panels can be folded only rightwards, only leftwards or separately towards both sides.
  • This feature creates ease-of-use in areas of its application and also gives the opportunity for an uninterrupted landscape.

    Aluminum cord instead of transparent bolt is used in Vertex Systems. Therefore, no yellowing or breakage occurs in vertical profiles.

    There are 4 pcs tires with diameters of 32 mm beneath and above the glass panels of Vertex Systems.

  • Easily Applied and Easily Used
  • Both surfaces of the glass panels in Vertex Systems can be cleaned internally in an easy and secure manner.

    With their casing prolongation profiles and joint-turning profiles, Vertex Systems offer solutions to users even in areas that are considered difficult for application.

    Hidden water discharge channels included by Vertex Systems eliminate the perspiration problem occurring on the glass.

  • Why is the Correct Installation of Glass Balcony Systems Important?
  • In addition to security, a correctly installed Vertex System offers users air, water and wind insulation.

Technical Features

Width : 40 mm
Bolt : TPV / Brush Bolt
Number of Bolts : Internal - External / Double Row
Wing Intervals : Aluminum Cord Profile
Glass Applications : 8 mm tempered single-glass

Color Options

It fully harmonizes with the decoration at your home with its visual integrity and 3 different color options.

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