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General Features

The Legend System is designed with 6 chambers across an 80mm frame width. Considering the higher performance criteria within the design of the system, the profiles are created with the most appropriate construction elements. The design process is considered to include the properties for insulation (heat and sound), weather resistance, and water tightness. The profiles in the systems are manufactured to the standard TS5358-EN12608. 


The Legend System In order to offer the best level of heat insulation for your home, the Legend System is designed with many important construction elements. This system utilizes an 80 mm platform, 6 chambers, 3 gaskets (middle gasket) included together to provide lower heat and conductivity coefficient (Uf). Uf value of the Legend System is 1.17 17 W/m2K. This system is designed with a width of 80 mm so that it allows for the application of triple glass 80 mm in thickness with lower Uf values (0.6. -0.7-0. 7 W/m2K). This ensures a superior U window value (*Uw:0. 95 W/mK) due to the heat conductivity of the window profile section and the heating value of the glass.


The supporting plates used for the profiles in the Legend System have higher static values. This allows for the choice of the most appropriate profiles and plates for the areas. The wind load is stronger than average, considering the static calculations. This higher resistance offered by the supporting plates ensures a wider size of windows, thus enhancing the field of view.


The system has a wider group of products. The main profiles in the system are standard frames, casing frames, meeting rails, static meeting rails, casements and casements with drips, inward and outward opening door wings and casement/ wing adaptors. In addition, there is a rich auxiliary profile group to provide solutions for many other details. 90 edge turns, angular edge turns, frontal profiles, elevations, frame extensions, closures and casing profiles etc.


It is possible to apply glass thicknesses of 24, 30, 36 and 44 mm in the windows and doors. The Legend System offers solutions for all tastes using the variety of color options of Egepen Deceuninck. 

Uf values vary depending on the sizes of the windows and features of the glass. 

Technical Features

Profile Width : 80 mm
Number of Cubicles : 6
Number of Gaskets : 3 (Middle Gasket)
Gasket : TPE Gray/ Black/
Lath :Single Nail – PCE Gasket
Glass Thickness : 24,30,36,44 mm
Standard : TS 5358 - EN 12608-B Class
Heat Conductivity Coefficient : Uf: 1.17 W/m2K

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Color Options

Legend PVC Window System fulfills the expectations of the consumers offering a variety of color options.

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